The LOPEN project is a open project of Chinese language and knowledge resource maintained by LOPE (Labs of Ontologies, Language Processing and e-Humanity) at National Taiwan University. We believe open resource will enable not only reproduction and creativity of empirical research but also progress of our society.

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Resource and tools

Deep Lexicon (DeepLEX)

A large Chinese-centered open lexicon as an alternative resource to atomic lexicon theory.


Chinese Wordnet (CWN)

CWN aims at constructing a deep semantic and conceptual network. Fine-grained semantic analysis and open relational design are conducive to the structure of langanguage and mine.

[link] [CWN v1] [CWN v2]

Chinese Word Map (CWM)

CWM is a TSCL-based (Teching Chinese as a Second Language) word sketch engine of lexical knowledge.


Corpora Open and Search (COPENS)

An open corpus system and query tool. Automatically pre-processing and free annotating.


PTT Corpus

As a characteristic BBS system in Taiwan, PTT records interesting social and cultural language phenomena. It also provides important empirical information on language contact and evolution.


Chinese variation

A parellel corpus of Taiwan Mandarin and Mainland Mandarin.



An annotating system.


Toxic Talk

A toxic talk generator trained with comments on Internet


Collaborative learning


A blog of learning notes wriiten by the lab members.


Open courses

Python for Humanities (2018)

[link] [GitHub]

Corpus Linguistics (2018)


Hands-on Corpus Linguistics Workshop (2018)

[link] [GitHub]